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Shastan Williams


Little Rock, Ark.- Makeup is equivalent to diamonds, a girl’s best friend. Makeup has many pros and cons when it comes to women and their makeup. Some find makeup to be a nuisance and sometimes it can be a breeze.  

African-Americans find it hard when it comes to makeup, but Alandria Jones, finds it quite easy. Jones said some of the pros are, “That they make you look better, they are fun and that it is a true talent.”

When applying makeup, everything needs to be nicely clean cut and precise. If makeup is applied sloppy, then it won’t look well put together. Also, when are applying makeup, don’t stress; just have fun with it. Jones also listed some con that come with makeup.

“Finding the right shade to match your skin tone. Some makeup lines don’t cater to African-Americans, so it’s actually hard to find my shade,” said Alandria. When finding the certain shade for the skin tone, get a professional opinion on how it looks.

“You can also break out from certain types of makeup. Be sure to read what ingredients are on the bottle and make sure you aren’t allergic to them,” said Alandria. Most makeup lines include certain ingredients that can irritate the skin.

Makeup can be a bit on the pricey side if you want good high-end makeup. “I spend about $15-40 per month on different items,” said Jones. You don’t need to buy the high-end makeup in order for your final look to come out flawless.

Different people learn different ways on how to do their makeup. Jones said, “One summer I was bored and wasn’t working and I was on YouTube. I started watching makeup tutorials everyday. I started with a cheap makeup pallette. The end result wasn’t perfect, but once I kept learning and trying it, I became a pro.”

Practice makes perfect, ladies. If one keeps trying and trying and then watch different tutorials, one will start to get the hang of it and then become a pro.






Alandria Jones

Contact phone number: 501-563-1833

This assignment was very easy for me! I love makeup and Iv’e always wanted to interview a woman of color to get a different view on the different shades. I had fun with this assignment because I was able to turn it into a web story & add different YouTube links within the article.