News Tip #1

Shastan Williams

News Tip

30 January 2017


Idea: Young Democrats want to educate & bring equality to the student body of Arkansas State University.  This group of students are a voice for the democrats on campus. YD doesn’t want to persuade people how to think, but help the believers. They want to bring others together to discuss the current issues. They host general body meeting every 2 weeks on Wednesday’s or Thursday’s.

Sources: Alyson Clayburn, President of Young Democrats, Young Democrats Email Address, (573)-429-9656


  1. What topics will be discussed?
  2. Will there be a panel?
  3. How long do these meeting generally last?
  4. Will questions be open to anyone?
  5. What is the dress code?

Two Ledes:

  1. The Young Democrats of Arkansas State University are planning their upcoming general body meetings on Wednesday’s or Thursday’s.
  2. Meetings held by Young Democrats of Arkansas State University will cover current issues going on in politics around the world.

Multimedia Component:

  1. Link to membership signup form: Astate Young Democrats Membership Signup Form
  2. Link to their Instagram page: Astate Young Democrats
  3. Young Democrats Logo