Opinion Article


Jonesboro, Ark. – I can listen to most genres, but hip-hop hit a downfall with the two-hit wonder, Fetty Wap. Fetty, a hip-hop artist that became main-stream in 2015 with his singles, “Trap Queen”, “My Way”, and “679”.

He has some very catchy songs but when it comes to his lyrics, they are trash. When listening to hip-hop, I love to listen to the meaningful lyrics. With Fetty he’s more about the catchy beats and the lyrics that rhyme. I feel as though he is giving real hip-hop a bad name these days.

Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z all have some type of meaning or story in their songs. They create real music to stimulate your mind. Lamar’s new hit single; “Alright” that is basically telling everybody that if we have God and each other then we will be Alright. The lyrics to this song come off as very uplifting.

Fetty’s tour dates are not that outstanding, but they are substantial. According to soundkick.com Fetty only had 75 tour dates and in the top 5,000 artists.

Fetty Wap’s single, “Trap Queen” that is glorifying women who stand by a drug dealers side no matter what. That’s what are hip-hop community is coming to and it’s not looking well for them at all.

There’s a few great lyricists in the hip-hop community and we don’t give them enough credit. We glorify Fetty when he is degrading our African-American queens. Next time you hear Fetty Wap playing on the radio, stop, listen and ask yourself, “Why?”




This assignment was very fun because I could finally state my opinion. With this assignment, I took it and ran with it until I couldn’t anymore. I’m glad that I learned how to write an opinion article because I will be writing many more in the future.