Jonesboro, Ark– Arkansas State University’s Black Student Association’s President has a passion of helping the African-American’s on campus by letting them know that they aren’t alone and she is here to help them.

Jayla Wilson, 20, of Little Rock, Arkansas, is a Creative Media Production major with an emphasis in Narrative Media with a double minor in Marketing and Spanish. Jayla is also the Vice President of print for the Association of Black Journalists. Even with a load of schoolwork on her plate she manages to her extracurricular activities very well. BSA is an association for African-American’s to reach to one another and get involved. Jayla said, “We do things that impact our community and get our point of view and get our side of things. I want to give black people a voice.” While discussing BSA with Jayla, she was explaining how the retention rate among blacks is very low and she was saying that, “This is one of BSA’s main goals. To keep black people involved and to feel like they have a home so that they will stay.” BSA has several forums throughout the year and they talk about very interesting topics that range from natural hair care, relationship tips, study habits, to police brutality. Jayla want to keep the black community informed and keep them up to date academic wise. When I asked Wilson why she chose to bring her talents to Astate she said, “It was where God wanted me to be. It was almost free because I had scholarships. They also have the best communications program in Arkansas.” Be on the lookout for Jayla Wilson in the Media department and through BSA. She is a strong young woman that never ceases to give up. Jayla doesn’t know what she wants to do with her degree yet, but I assure you that she will be a successful black woman.

With this assignment I was very honored to interview this individual because she is someone I admire. She was very open with me and was very personable. I loved this assignment because you were able to learn more about the person you interviewed.